We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.
— George Bernard Shaw

Our goal at Camp Reset is to help you feel younger. Our Camp Principles and Programming lie at the core of this: We've built them out to help you re-discover your inner kid and sense of playfulness to help you experience moments of connection and transformation.

Camp Principles

  • Nicknames only. This is an opportunity to let go of your “adult self.” Put your day-to-day responsibilities aside and come as who you always wanted to be!

  • No work talk. This is not the place to network, sell, or find a new job. Instead, we encourage our campers to explore the people around them. What makes them tick? What makes them smile? Maybe it’s you!

  • Check your tech. As a digital detox weekend, we will require you to give up cell phones, tablets, eReaders and wearable technology. We even have a pretty fun ceremony for it! All tech will be returned at the end of camp. And don’t worry, we have protocols in place for any and all outside emergencies.

  • Come with open hearts and arms. Be willing to try new things and step outside your comfort zone. There's no better time to take risks and reap the rewards than here.

  • Embrace the unexpected. The best moments at camp are the ones that come without warning. Be ready to say “yes” to that out-there workshop or that new friend who wants to dance. 

  • Keep mental pictures. Presence is the best kind of present at camp. We don't want you to waste unnecessary energy worrying about looking perfect for a photo. That's why we ask everyone to respect each other's privacy and leave the camera at home. 

Camp Programming

Camp Reset is lovingly planned for months to ensure the best experience possible for the entire three days -- from the moment you arrive at camp to when you pile back into your car or onto the Camp Reset bus, sweaty, maybe a little dirty, but definitely full of new friendships and appreciation. Here is just a sneak peak of some of the things we have planned for Camp Reset.  

Me time


We all know what it feels like to be tired and burnt out. At Camp, we create moments of 'Reset' through free time and wellness activities. For some, that means tapping meditation and sound baths. Others may prefer to use their time to climb trees or sit with a good friend in silence. Whatever you use your time for, it all has the same name: 'me time'.



Play is nature’s learning engine and Camp Reset celebrates our radical curiosity. We foster free exploration and mind-expansion, guided by those right from our community. Want to try circus arts, archery or learn some backwood basics? How about mindful eating, journaling or nomadic living? Our Resetters will hook you up. 


Group Activities

As kids, we were given 15 minutes every day to maximize our fun quotient. Sometimes we played prehistoric dinosaur tag, other times we built the biggest snow fort, and once in a while, we snuck behind the bleachers to spy on the older kids. At Camp Reset, we’re blowing that 15 min out of the water. So get ready to come together and recess hard.


Evening Activities

We’re getting up to some mischief all night long, except this time, you won’t get in trouble for staying up past your bedtime. Feel free to dance like no one is watching (maybe while wearing that sparkly, LED-lit number that you’ve always wanted to try on) until the sun rises. You may just end up traveling to another dimension. 

And so much more! Get your Camp Reset ticket today!

Image courtesy of Clint Mason